Data Engineer

April 14, 2022

A true opportunity to work in a great and professional environment with Hi-End big data technologies.

Design and implement ELT\ETL pipelines and dashboards.

You will Work in start-up companies with stakeholders such as: Marketing, Product, Sales in order to deliver the best data solution.


proven experience in Building complex multi-cloud  ELT\ETL pipelines (google , aws)

work experience with big data technologies while working with enormous amounts of data such as Big Query/Kafka/Kinesis etc.

work experience with 24/7 systems and real-time analytics

advanced programming skills (Python\Java)

Vast knowledge of SQL

Understanding business processes and dwh methodologies

excellent communication skills problem solving skills

3+ years of experience working as Data Engineer

B.A./B.Sc. in industrial/information systems engineering, computer science, statistics, or equivalent.

If  you have great technological skills and you are self-learner who is passionate about data, understands business processes and can translate business needs into data solutions.

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