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Data Guild is the trusted data advisor of the tech industry, specializing in business intelligence and big data.
We help companies leverage their data in order to make data driven decisions and deliver greater business value.
We define data strategy and implement end-to-end advanced data solutions that deliver significant business resultsOur data strategy, data engineering, data science, and data analysis services have helped dozens of companies data-drive their growth We pride ourselves on tailoring the optimal data solutions for your company

Our values

Value as first thought. For any employee, customer, or business partner. We first think about what's best for her or him.

We are humans. Anyone has a world of its own, there are similarities and differences. We should do our best to understand the person we work with and handle them with dignity and respect.

We are here to build a thriving Business that will provide our employees and customers a successful future.

We want to be the spearhead in data. Thus we put our focus on Quality. Anything we build should be with the highest standards and our employees should be sharp and talented.

Communication is key. The way we talk with each other, and the way we convey our plans or present our findings or delivery, will directly impact our success and growth.

Meet the leadership

Tom Cook
Founder & CEO
Tim Smith
Founder & CTO
Joanna Patri
Lead designer

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