Introduce Data Guild’s services

Data Strategy

Our data strategy services help us connect the business to the data

Data Architecture

When you build data solution, you do it for the long run.
Our data architecture services help you to build a robust and scalable architecture that will grow with your business

Data Modeling

Data is a product! As such, you need to ask who are its customers and what decision they want to make out of it.
With our data modeling services you will able to provide actionable insights to the right customer at the right time.

Data Engineering

Execution is a key. Our data engineering services build the data processes needed to integrate to data sources and populate the data model efficiently and effectively.

Data Analytics

To deliver the value of the data, our data visualization and data analytics services build insightful solutions to enhance your business performance.

Data Science

With our data science services we enable predictive analytics and pattern discovery.

We are always keen to talk about data